17 Steps to Overcoming Anything

Fear of Failure….

As I start to re-purpose my blog and website to follow my purpose in life, I find myself asking the question” Why do people come to me? What is the scope of what I have done for most of my life?  And what could I teach about for the rest of my life?”  At this intersection I have found what I like to do-my Destiny.  I have always tried to put “strong wings on weary hearts” both personally and professionally.   So now, as I begin a new chapter in my life and find strength in regaining my voice, I would love to communicate and encourage and give all hope to those who need it!  My blog will concentrate in three areas of my life: 1. Business Development, 2. Personal Development, and 3. OnPurpose Development.   Please join my email list to the right and I will send you my quick 17 steps to Overcoming Anything…Anxiety, Fear, Loneliness, etc. etc.  I look forward to getting to know you!    Jack Thomason


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