If You Are Not Selling…You Are Dead (part 8)

Selling is the Key to your Success

How important is professional online/offline selling today?  Well here are some statistics to think about:

  1. Customer Focus-Customer acquisition is the primary goal of marketing.  Recent surveys from Industrial Marketing show that 43% of survey respondents indicate that customer acquisition is their primary goal. Customer retention has grown every year

“WE should’t be completely satisfied with worldly success because it can never bring us true significance. Fulfilling your destiny answers the question of your significance”.

Destiny (Dr. Tony Evans)

If You Are Not Selling…You Are Dead (part 6)

Selling is the key to your success

Lets review!  So far we have covered the four keys to success: Application, Attitude, Enthusiasm and Goals.  We have also covered the four POWER words in any sales presentation: Money, Save, You, and New.  The four buying reasons: Pride, Pleasure, Profit and Protection.

Now lets go deeper into the four

If You are Not Selling…You are Dead..(part 4)

"Selling is the key to your Success in Life"

The Psychology Department at Yale University identified twelve words that have extraordinary persuasive power. I have reduced the twelve to four.  When developing a sales presentation, I believe the four main words that get your client’s attention are:

  1. Money
  2. Save
  3. You
  4. New

Even if Money, Self-Preservation, or Recognition are last