3 Things That Keep Your From Achieving Your Goals In Life

What is the PRIMARY CAUSE OF MY RESULTS? YOU ARE and here 3 major things that hold you back in life from achieving your goals, improving your results and living a life of purpose and significance. Here they are:


How many times have you tried to help someone and they say:”I knew that”, but in reality they didn’t and it was their attitude about it that held them back? Or have you ever been in a situation where you are trying to implement a new idea or concept to a group or mentor someone and they say:”I’ve done that before” and you can see them automatically shut you out? And finally, many times, folks who lack good results have another problem. They have too many distractions throughout their day and they don’t spend the necessary time working on productive measures and goals that will change their for the better. So, it is very important to look back and see what habits, attitudes, paradigms are causing your results. And then, if you don’t like your results, set new goals that are more in the direction that you want to go. Finally, gain greater awareness of how others are achieving their results ask them to show you what they do! By keeping an open mind and reducing the 3 issues above, your results will improve.

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