5 Secrets to Owning Your Career

Here is how to Start Today!

Well, of course, there are more than 5 secrets to “owning your career”, but there are things that everyone must do to get started.  Here are the 5 secrets:

  1. Build Your Foundation–  You have to look at your career and your potential earning in a different manner today.  With pensions, stocks and money difficult to get your hands on today, you have to think about working until you die!  This doesn’t have to sound scary.  The Bible never talks about retiring.  Think about what God wants you to do today that will take you to the end of your days on this earth.  And to make money doing it if you need to.  You must start to think of the foundation that your career is set on.  Is it on sand, or is it on solid rock?  That is the question that you must answer.  Many folks are working and working, not realizing that there is something they could be doing in addition to their current job to take them into a new level of prosperity and significance. The key is to analyze your foundation and have it inspected.
  2. Hire an Architect– If you have ever traveled through an old neighborhood, you often see houses that have had additions put on without proper planning and design. Roof lines and pitch lines don’t match, and attention to architectural details are missing from the original house to the addition.  You need to hire a professional, to help you with a set of blueprints that helps you get the proper result.  Owning your career requires planning and hiring an architect to help you get it right.  This can come in the form of a life coach, personal trainer, or can simply be re investing in yourself on a continual Basis through webinars, podcasts, reading blog posts, or being part of a membership training program.
  3. Design, Develop and Own “You”-It is very important to “own” you!  And you must  learn how to “own” you!  Specifically, I mean owning your career, your brand, your products and your ability to monetize that until you decide to finish! It is imperative to never delegate your ability to live a life that God has destined you to live. I call this living “OnPurpose”. And in today’s technical world, it is easier to design, build and Own your brand and your career, despite the economy and the facts about middle aged men in the marketplace.
  4. Run the race God Intended You to Run– You must redefine success for what it truly is.  The old saying that the man who has the most toys wins is a complete lie.  The man who has the most toys actually dies!  Success is having peace in your heart and the ability to re-frame anything that happens to you.  My friend from university emailed me yesterday about two of our friends dying at 55 and leaving their families.  We all have to ask ourselves: “How do we want to be remembered when we die”.  And then take steps immediately to make sure you are running the race that God has you to run.
  5. Add Value daily– The older I get, the more I embrace the concept of adding value to people’s lives.  With so much happening in our world, negative politics, international trouble, and difficult people, the ability to add value will always give you the ability to own your career and to monetize your content.  We need to all help people find Strength, Solace and Motivation.  We need to encourage difficult family members to make peace not war. We need to role model what that means daily to our children.  We need to understand and deliver value to everyone.  And with technology today, that has made things much easier.


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