7 “G” Forces Available To Propel Your Career Forward

The sixth “G” force is God’s Glory.  This is a difficult “G” force to define because it just too big to define in words.  But God’s Glory is definitely a level of power that needed to influence and help others.  Some people find God’s Glory in nature, some people find God’s Glory in art, but man can exhibit God’s Glory in many ways.  God’s Glory can be seen in heroism and simple acts of kindness. God’s glory can be seen in the everyday events of life.  Love and kindness along with forgiveness are all acts of God’s Glory.  We are to exhibit God’s Glory in our everyday life and therefore in our careers!  It is within our grasp to deliver God’s Glory everyday in the workplace and this is done through our words and actions. When we are acting in God’s Glory, we use our words to build people up and add value and go out of our way to help people succeed and win both at home and at work.

We distribute God’s Glory through our distribution of praise. We distribute God’s Glory when we model the Gospel and not just preach about it.  We model God’s Glory when we care about our fellow man. God’s glory is seen in praise, wonder and perfection.

We energize our co workers when we exhibit God’s Glory when we use positive words that build people up.  We exhibit God’s Glory when we don’t complain about our work, but do it as part of where we are moving to in our life.

Finally, God’s Glory is a powerful force that flows through us and into others giving them strength and encouragement to overcome whatever they are facing.  It is like a sail that we mount upon our soul to take us to new and exciting places!


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