Do You Know Your Life’s Mission and Purpose?…

One of the most frequent questions I receive when working with clients is:”How to I figure out my purpose in life? What is my personal or life’s mission? The key to determining your life’s mission is to begin with the end in mind first. The first thing I recommend is to think about how you want to be remembered in life. What two or things would you want written on your tomb stone for all to see. Perhaps you want to be a great father, great husband or great business partner. Perhaps you want to be a great teacher, or professor or preacher. However you want to be remembered in life is where you begin. If you are still having trouble with this, think about what what motivates you and what your passions are and what people often ask you to do. This is an indication on what is important to you and can lead to clarity in determining your life’s mission. Now, break down each of the two or three ways you want to be remembered into monthly goals or action steps that you need to take to achieve that result. Don’t waste your time trying to live someone else’s dream for your life. Determine your purpose and life’s mission and do something towards it each day.

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