Double your Productivity???But How?

We have been talking a lot about setting goals, improving our results and changing and breaking old paradigms down. But now its time to execute and that is all about how productive we become. I like to call this concept “YOU SQUARED”. Its about maximizing your productivity with simple steps that improve your results. Lets get started.

First you need to set aside time during the day when you are in peak performance mentally and physically. For me that is from 6:30am to about 2pm. After 2pm, I tend to fade off a bit and then move to tasks that require less concentration. But I try to make sure that I am at the very least putting 5 hours of productive time to my revenue producing activities. So define what yours are and then think about focusing your time on those.

Second, you must eliminate or minimize distractions. For me distractions are answering emails, answering phone calls, searching on facebook, instagram or whatever social media platforms you are using. For me these are TOTAL TIME KILLERS and I can literally waste hours of productive time doing these non productive tasks.

Third, remember to just GET STARTED in whatever goal or project you are desiring to complete. Getting started is the single biggest challenge to overcome because it takes inertia to start something and to bring it to life.

Fourth, you will be able to FEEL the difference between an unproductive day and a productive day. Believe me, a productive day feels much better! Just start trying to have as many productive hours, then days then weeks. After a month or so, you now have a set of new habits that will carry you through.

Finally, YOU SQUARED, is a combination of awareness, setting goals, executing goals, improving personal productivity, and gaining mental clarity and focus in life. Remember, worry fear and angry all work against YOU SQUARED!

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