How Do We Set Goals…..

Yesterday’s post was titled “Why We Set Goals” and today’s post is “How Do We Set Goals”. Over the years, I have struggled to find a method that truly works effectively for me. Perhaps you are like me in this regard. I have great intentions, but find it difficult to spend the time to write down my goals in a format that works. So, in this post i wish to share with you what works for me. If you have another style that works for you, that is great as well. Often times I struggle with mental clarity on what to write and clarity of what to accomplish. I can see the BIG PICTURE, but breaking it down into individual steps becomes difficult. So, I produce a one page yearly sheet that just has 3-5 major end results that I want accomplished. My categories are Finance, Health, Spirituality, Family. Within those 4 categories, I just write simple sentences where I would like to be. For example, I fix a figure of income for my company that i want to achieve. For health, I normally have targets, like weight, exercise, doctor visits etc. For spirituality I set targets for scripture reading, church attendance and growing in Christ. And that is how I do it. From those goals, I go to just steps needed to accomplish those goals. I just try to make it as simple as possible. Then, each week, I think about what I have accomplished towards those goals and if I achieve it, I check it off of my list. So, I try not to be too critical of myself because that only frustrates me. I think what is important is to revisit your goal sheets weekly and keep them close to you. I have them next to me at all times for easy access and review.

Keep in mind that when you start to see real progress towards these goals, it truly gives you energy and a sense of accomplishment! This energy builds on itself and before you know it, you have achieved your goal!

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