In The End Everything Will Be All Right!

I am not much of a movie goer, but I can’t help myself when crossing the Atlantic and having 8 plus hours to pass the time away. Yesterday I returned home from a wonderful reunion of former colleagues. We get together once per year in a different country and celebrate our friendship and our lives together. With all the recent threats in London and around the world, of course, plenty of my friends warn me not to go! And sometimes, I of course, get anxious as well. But, always upon my return, I am thankful that I attended and feel the gratitude for such great friends and memories. On the return flight I watched 3 movies and my favorite was a movie named: “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”. It was a great movie that I watched twice and it left me profoundly happy and was filled with wisdom how to live our lives and how to overcome anything! The movie was truly inspirational and marvelous how the writer captured the essence of life. I was inspired by this line in the movie from the owner of the hotel and he said that in India, they have a favorite expression: “In the end everything will be all right….So if its not all right, it must not be the end.”

I highly recommend this wonderful film with a great cast like Maggie Smith and Judi Dench. Its a great lesson for all ages and I will leave it to you to go see the movie!

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