The 20 CEO Behaviors That Can Hurt a Company’s Performance

For 30 years, I have worked with people, trying to influence people to work towards the goals of the company trying to put the right butts in the right seats and on the right bus going in the right direction. We call it strategic alignment and it is a critical component of executive success. Here are 20 habits of CEO’s that work against that alignment according to Marshall Goldsmith in his book “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”:
1. Winning too much at all costs, 2. Adding too much to each and every conversation, 3. Passing judgment on others before understanding, 4. Making destructive comments and needless sarcasms, 5. Starting with “NO”, “BUT” or “HOWEVER”, 6. Telling the world how smart you are, 7. Speaking when angry, 8. Negativity or “let me explain why that won’t work”, 9. Withholding information, 10. Failing to give proper recognition, 11. Claiming credit that we don’t deserve, 12. Making excuses, 13. Clinging to the past, 14. Playing favorites, 15. Refusing to express regret, 16. Not listening, 17. Failing to express gratitude, 18. Punishing the messenger, 19. Passing the buck, and 20. An excessive need to be “ME”-exalting our faults as virtures!

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