The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree…

Have you ever heard the expression: “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree?”. Well, the reason you have probably heard it is that someone in your family or a friend probably said that about you when comparing certain habits of your mother and father to you. And the funny thing is, the older we get, we even start to see some of those habits from our parents in us. This of course can be good and bad. If your mother and father had good habits, then you are blessed, but if your mother and father were what I call “difficult” and drama oriented, well, probably more than not, you have inherited these habits as well. All of these generational habits passed down to you can make changing very difficult. As we tend to see life through the lens of our paradigms (habits) it is often a good thing to go back and review how these habits are producing the results we are getting in life. If we like the results we are getting in life, than keep rolling. But if we find ourselves looking to improve our results, we need to go back and start reviewing some of our habits. And finally the best way to change habits and paradigms is through clear goal setting and achieving.

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