The Power of a Spiritual Download

"Religion or Relationship"

With all of the scandals going on today, I rest in knowing that ever since the beginning of man, these things have been going on because we live in a fallen world. Racism, sexual immorality and all of what we are hearing about on the news today is rooted in one cause:”Spiritual Death”. And when someone is dead spiritually, (and we all are before undergoing a spiritual download) we all do and say things that we should not. But why is it so important to receive a “spiritual download” in the first place? Well, we all need forgiven and we don’t have any means to do this unless we accept God’s free gift-his spiritual download! After we receive this free spiritual download, God launches a massive continuous improvement in our life! He begins to show us our OWN sin, our own betrayal and our own MESS that we have created! That doesn’t mean we are now 100% sinless, it just means that He is working on us each and every day and cleaning up the MESSES we have made in life! So, with Christmas right around the corner, ask God for this FREE SPIRITUAL DOWNLOAD and watch how your life improves beyond AMAZING! USE THIS CODE WHEN ASKING: “JESUS, I am a sinner, please come into my heart and clean me up”.

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