Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving With Friends and Family

With Thanksgiving tomorrow I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful day with family and friends. Here are a few tips to make it even better!

1. Less is more! It is better to go into the day with a feeling of gratitude verses high expectation. Less eating, less talking and more active listening will help you have a happy ending.
2. Look for the good qualities in everyone! It is very easy to find issues with family and friends, but make a commitment to only focus on the good qualities in everyone. Don’t let anyone take you down the wrong path and start an argument. RESIST RESIST and concentrate on the good qualities in everyone.
3. Get dressed up a little! I know that this isn’t a popular theme, but putting on your best clothes gives the entire party a “lift”. It dresses up things and sets a more elegant atmosphere for everyone. Nothing is worse than seeing someone look like they should be working in the garage sitting across from you on Thanksgiving!
4. Before you go, pull out the Bible and read God’s word. Nothing provides more insight into how to have a successful Thanksgiving.
5. Put out the candles! A beautiful table setting with real candles lit makes for better and warmer discussions! Think about the mood and the atmosphere of coziness!
6. Be Thankful for what you have! No matter what you have, be thankful and try to put that into all of the day’s discussions!

Okay, just some simple TIPS for having a great day indeed! Happy Thanksgiving All!

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