What Do Really Want?

Isn’t this the 10 million dollar question? When I ask people what they really want in my work, there is often a blank look on their faces. Many tell me they want material possessions, many talk about being financially independent of their jobs, but from my work with hundreds of people in these past 30 years, people are searching for their “why” in life. I call this finding purpose in life. Isn’t that what we are all trying to figure out? When we find our purpose in life that gives us clarity and when we have clarity, we find energy to pursue our goals. When we realize our unique Godly design, we begin to see how our gifts and talents help and inspire others. When we find our WHY, we find the reason we EXIST. And when we find the reason we exist, we begin to fulfill our MISSION in life. And when we start to live out our MISSION, we have a new VISION in life on how we will fulfill our purpose.

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