What Is Your Time Worth?

Last weekend I attended my 40th year class reunion. It was an amazing time we shared together! In many ways it was like time stood still and we were all transported back into time. But in reality it was 40 years ago! Where had the time gone??? As we talked, we all discussed what we were doing now and how fast life is passing us by! It was a great reminder to me to value the time I have left on this earth and to try to make an impact to help others! While I am not a gifted writer (As you already can see) I am trying to make each day count, each hour count, and each minute count. That has caused me to think about the future vision for my life, set goals and to make sure I completely understand my Value Proposition so that I can make every hour count. Here is a quick template to help you understand your Value Proposition and to make every hour count!

1. First, you talk about you! Whether you are an engineer, blogger, technician or podcaster! Let people know who you are and what your role is!
2. Second, tell people who you help (your Avatar). You really need to match your why to who your avatar is!
3. Third, tell people you Struggle, Journey and Solution
4. Fourth, finally talk about the transformation people get from your solution! Remember they are looking for help and your value needs to fight their need.

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