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There are seven ways you can access my products, knowledge and experience.

1.0 Search, Listen and Read from my site. Watch my videos, listen to my podcasts, read my posts and watch for events and webinars! I am daily building my stage and bringing to you life/business transformation strategies.

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5.0 Hire me as a coach/mentor/consultant. Benefit the most from one-on-one with me and watch your results skyrocket! Of course, my fee’s are more than online coaching, but it is your quickest route to success. If you would like to hire me, please email me at:   I have hired many coaches/mentors myself to learn the latest in sales/marketing/strategic planning.  It works!

6.0 Join my OnPurpose Academy.  This is my membership site where registration opens twice per year.  It is the place if you want to move from success to significance in your life! It combines my 30 plus years as a successful businessman, father and husband and how I Re-Purposed my life by understanding the power in having an open mind and flexibility and tapping into the same POWER that created the earth.  I share my 7 G force method for building or rebuilding your stage or platform. (Learn more Here)  Coming Soon!

7.0 Join my ” In My Circle OnPurpose” Mastermind with me and a few Individuals in what I call “Business-Life-Spirit Contemporary”.  We will learn how to succeed in Life-Business and move into significance with the Same Power that Developed the Earth.  This is a men only small group that I will lead  OnPurpose! When you want to GET TO THE OTHER SIDE  of things in your life, you need someone there to help you.  Get my free Ebook on “How To Overcome Anything” and you will see the 17 steps that I took and Join my mastermind.  Here are the qualifications: (Click Here)