You Have A Built In Success System

Attitude is where all change and all success begins!  And the good news is that YOU can choose the attitude that you want to have that will ultimately lead to the desired life you want to live.  So why then are so many people struggling with their life, their jobs?  It seems like few people have found what they are truly passionate about and most people are struggling with finding their purpose in life.

Your attitude decides “who” and “what” you are, and whether you respond to events under control or out of control.  Your attitude is controlled by your thoughts at the conscious level.  Your subconscious must always respond to what the conscious mind feeds it.  The subconscious mind cannot reject an idea. It must do what the conscious mind tells it to do. Therefore, always guard your conscious thoughts as they make up your belief system.  And it is your belief system that plays a vital role in your success.

So your success system is key to your destination in life.  Your success system is key to your purpose in life.  When your beliefs about the world you see are in line with God’s design for you, you reach your final destination with a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

People have a habit of taking their assets for granted and focusing only on their limitations and faults.  In this way they are giving more power to what they believe they cannot do rather than to what they can do.  Such behavior is inherently defeatist.  It holds you back, eliminates any initiative, and essentially cripples any prospect for success.


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