7 “G” Forces Available to Propel Your Career Forward

The fourth “G” force available to propel your career forward is GROWTH.  We are designed for expansion and growth as human beings.  We are not designed to do nothing and become stagnant.  The kind of GROWTH I am describing here is an acronym .  Get Ride Of Waste Through Him!  That means, that once the Holy Spirit enters your soul, the best way I can describe what happens is that the Holy Spirit works to help “Clean Up” your system. It is the finest and most effective continuous improvement system on planet earth.  The Holy Spirit helps you to recognize your own sin and gives you the tools to help you clean up your system.  It is something like a Anti Virus software that you  use on your computer to keep your hard drive clean.  The Holy Spirit is the work of God himself working on the inside of you cleaning your “hard drive”.  You cannot get rid of the harmful waste of sin and shame on your own.  It must be cleaned off your hard drive permanently.  So GROWTH, is essential to propel your career forward, because when you see your own sin for what it is and then you begin to see how the Holy Spirit is cleaning off the sin on your soul, you begin to experience authenticity.  And when you begin to experience authenticity, others will be able to draw strength, clarity, courage and inspiration from working with you.  When you are working together with God, everything you do and everything person you touch, can experience the power of God for themselves.  You become a transmitter of God’s power.

GROWTH is the essential “G” force needed to renew your mind daily.  All human beings are designed for greatness and the way to become great is to experience God’s GROWTH plan for our life.  It is also essential in finding your purpose and destiny in life.  GROWTH helps you move from poverty to prosperity, from the pit to the palace, from success to significance.   GROWTH also helps you rid your mind of torment.

Normal growth, is what I call self help, self development.  It is also essential for you to grow intellectually, spiritually and physically. But supernatural growth occurs with the work of the Holy Spirit

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