The 5 Secrets to Owning your Career-Explained

"Essentials to do Immediately"

On the previous post, I explained the 5 secrets to owning your career.  Lets take a look deeper so that you can take decisive action TODAY!  The first secret described was to Build Your Foundation!  Here is what I recommend no matter what age you are!

First, have a firm idea of where you are in life.  If you are young, make sure you start to build your foundation properly.  A proper foundation will allow you to launch your brand  and know that no matter what happens, you have it covered.  So, the very first thing is to dust off your Bible.  I know what you are thinking, but I am amazed that most young people don’t understand that the first order of business is to look at the owners manual.  God gave us his design procedures in the Bible. He taught us what to do in every situation that we will encounter in life.  SO, it makes sense to read it through and just check it out!  Use the Bible as the GO TO for every situation. There are more than 3000 promises available for us if we take the time to receive them by faith.

Next, analyze who you “hang” with and determine if this group of friends will help you or inspire you to get to the next level in life!  Your friends you “hang” with are often whom God uses to create Divine Intersections that will either take you forward or create a detour for you.  Either way, you can reach your final destination and purpose, but it may take you much longer than expected.  And remember, we often times chose our betrayer in life. I know I did and Jesus did as well!

Think about every thing in your life not only on what you can “see” in the physical but is happening in the spiritual.  So, instead of thinking about “luck“, replace it with intentional spiritual meanings.  When bad things happen, re-frame them and ask yourself, what is God trying to teach me or show me?  When you begin to see what happens to you in view of God’s perspective, you get excited about living each day regardless of what happens.

Pray that God helps you build this foundation on a rock!  When the storms of life come, and they will for sure, you want to make sure the storm doesn’t take away your house!  You want to make sure you and your brand and your career are still standing!  When you build your career and your personal brand on a rock, no one can take it away from you.

Train, and learn everything you can.  Be a life long learner.  Get that degree or skill and keep going back for more training and education.  This is part of your foundation and your success.  If you can’t afford to do that, learn from free webinars, blogs, libraries, podcasts, and whomever you come into contact with.  Instead of asking a person what they do for a living, ask a person about their perspective and how they became successful and what they recommend!  So many people get impressed with what a person does but the real issue is how they managed it and what you can learn from them.  Go deeper and ask better questions.  The quality of your questions determines the quality of your life.  The intentional and deeper questions result in better answers and better results.

Stop watching trash on the television and the radio!  The way to build a solid foundation is by using quality materials.  What you put into your brain and your eyes and your ears is directly related to your ability to be successful.  I am not a mind expert, but I do know that you have to be very consequential what you put in.  Garbage in equals garbage out.  Watch, read and listen to  media and movies and music that brings you closer to God.  Not the devil!

Enthusiasm and energy for life is contagious!  If you want to build a foundation of peace, energy and success, you have to look for those people and those experiences that saturate your brain in this environment.  I am not talking about just going on expensive pleasure vacations, but simple things.  For example, listen to classical music daily.  Dress up with a suit and tie weekly.  Write at least one handwritten letter weekly to a friend or someone you admire or want to learn from.  Clean your house and clean your closet!  When your place is a mess, it destroys your peace and sends a message to others that you don’t value them.  Polish your shoes daily!  You always feel better when your shoes are polished. Eat better and healthier foods.  Exercise daily by either walking, riding, swimming, jogging, dancing or even running the sweeper, but do something.  Gardening and pulling weeds can even be an outlet for great exercise.  Bending over to pull weeds is therapy for me. I think of every weed that I pull and throw out as something that I am trying to rid myself from.  Attach a bitter or sad experience to that weed and then throw it out.

Reboot yourself weekly.  Whether it is church, visiting family, or whatever, but look for ways to add value to people and learn from everyone.


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