Why Discipline is Truly a Gift!

"Its a gift that lasts a lifetime"

Someone from my Tribe of followers wanted to know more about the power of discipline in life and work. Discipline as most of us know it is not necessarily something we like and want more of in our life. But the fact is, the more disciplined we become in our life, we increase our chances of happiness and success both at home and work. Discipline is one of the Seven Levels of Awareness that we have in life. With Mastery at the very top and Animal at the very lowest level of awareness. When we are living at the lowest level of awareness in life, we live at the Animal level where we just react to what happens to us. We typically either Fight or Flight! This isn’t a level where you want to remain as an individual. This is the level where you see a “Victim Mentality” exist. Discipline is truly at a very high level of awareness in life and is just number 3 below Mastery and Experience. When we have the gift of discipline in our life, we literally can give ourself a command and make it happen. This level of awareness leads to both success at home and success at work. Discipline is formed by goal setting and coaching and mentoring and to be open and willing to improve one’s self. Positive discipline is truly a gift that you give your kids as a parent and as a leader, you give discipline to help your employees realize their potential.

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