Why is Forgiving Someone So Difficult?

One of the most difficult things to do is to forgive someone…. Or Is it? One reason why forgiving someone is so difficult is because the person not wanting to forgive wants to maintain the control over you. Or so it may seem. Another reason why it is so difficult to forgive someone is because you have not realized your own wrong doing in the situation. Or, maybe you have not realized that you have sinned before God and you think God has not forgiven you so you cannot forgive someone else? Well, when you forgive someone who has wronged you, you are actually gaining more control over the situation and not less. You actually release yourself from the person who has wronged you when you forgive them. Have you ever heard the saying: Unforgiveness is like: “You take the poison expecting the other person to die”? This may sound ridiculous, but when you don’t forgive another person for what they have done, God says that he will not forgive you for your sins and you actually end up taking the poison that you had intended for the person who has wronged you. So, think about someone you are holding a grudge against today and call them up and forgive them! And watch how your life improves!

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