Why We Set Goals…

Each year around November I start to think about what i did or did not accomplish. I think about my plan and how well the plan was executed. And nine times out of ten, when I fall short it is caused by lack of focus and follow through. Do you suffer from that as well? Research has proven that when you write out your goals and plan accordingly, you have significantly improved your chances of achieving those goals. But why is it that more people don’t plan for their future? Well, here are a few insights:

1. Most people feel the need to work towards their purpose in life but they struggle with defining their purpose.
2. Clarity is key when achieving anything, but clarity is sometimes very difficult to achieve because we are consumed with trying to earn money and cover our basic needs.
3. Life’s curve balls come at us all the time in various forms and they often times push us into different directions away from our plan.
4. Procrastination to execute our plan keeps us in a low energy state of mind.

So what can we do about this to jump start our ability to achieve our purpose? First, we need to take time to begin thinking about how we want to be remembered in life. IF we take the time to think about what is really important in life, we will be in a better position to develop clear goals. For example, I want to be remembered as a great father to my children. So, I take the necessary steps each year to plan for that result in life. I build time with my kids and try to make sure I am living a life that adds value for them.
Second, I try to think on the big picture of life and try not to get involved in DRAMA. Family drama is one on the keys to staying “stuck” in life. Work towards isolating yourself from negative family members who love to bring you down to their level. Third, build productive time each day to completing what you have planned for. I am currently working on rebuilding my platform and I need to work everyday towards building it. Take time as well each day to learn new technologies. In today’s environment, it is very important to stay as current as possible with technology. Technology is very essential in platform building. And Finally, take time to seek the truth in life and don’t rely on the what reality TV presents as reality. There is a truth that exists and keep focused on that truth. In times like these, where everyone wants to make up their own truth, resist and keep focused on God’s plan for your life.

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